Friday, September 19, 2014

Zombie Mommy

Whoa.  This week has been long!  It all started Sunday night when CT decided to party from 11-2:30 a.m. and he pretty much kept the party going all week long.

I hate when he isn't feeling well and between teeth, a runny nose, and a slight cough, he just hasn't had the best week.  Hoping to curb that this weekend and get him at his best again.

In fact, last night was the first night he slept through the night since last Saturday!  This morning he woke up with a smile and a less rosy complexion.

We started the week running our first 5k/race together.

CT hasn't been feeling the best, but that hasn't slowed him down.
I take this as a testament to his inquisitive determination.
Where there's a will, there's a way...

I'm sticking to my healthy eating plan and my Beachbody workouts.
I'm hoping next week will be even better since CT and I will both be feeling 100%.

Checked out a book to read to CT before we head to Krispy Kreme for Talk Like a Pirate Day today!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Not So Normal Recap

Last Sunday CT and I ran our first race together.  It was such a great first race, too.  You know how some races are just better "firsts" than others?  This was one of them.  

 (If you intend to run a first half-marathon I highly recommend the VA Beach Rock-n-Roll half.  For a first 5k any of the color runs are fantastic.)

It wasn't just our first race together.  It was my first race since having a baby, my first race with a stroller, and my first race with a running buddy (who also had baby and stroller!)

Really, the whole weekend was just a great family-centered event.  There were pajama parties, concerts, and lots of fun swag to scoop up before, during, and after the race.  

The entire concept was really fun and the run was through a quaint little Carrboro neighborhood.  So many people were out holding signs and cheering for us - it was a great atmosphere.  CT would hear them cheer and he would yell back at them.  I think he appreciated their support.  

I'm already looking forward to next year.  They are promising even more swag and I know CT will really enjoy the pre-race festivities since he will be a little older.  

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A dress that looks like fall, but feels like summer

I'm attending a wedding for a darling friend this weekend and it's left me itching for a new dress.  I don't exactly need a new one, but would love one that will look like "fall" and feel like "summer."

If you live in NC (or anywhere in the south) you can totally appreciate my desire for a dress like this.

I started scouring the internets for such a dress and automatically stumbled upon my go-to inexpensive dress shop, Forever 21.  Specifically their Love21 line.

floral dress

purple dress

floral dress 2

floral dress 2 by coachgaines featuring a messenger bag

I love each dress and would love to buy them all, but, for now, I must make a decision.

Which is your favorite?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Blank Canvas Wardrobe

Dress: BASS Outlet, Necklace: EBay, Bracelet: KateSpade, TOMs
If you looked in my closet you would see loads of neutrals: grey, navy, black, etc.  Every now and then I buy a piece with a pop of color or an exciting pattern, but for the most part my wardrobe is full of neutral basics.  

I'm totally fine with this because I love them and when out shopping I still gravitate toward them time and time again.  In fact, my husband will often say, "Don't you have one just like that at home?"

And usually he's right.  Shhhhh, don't tell him I said that.

In fact, this dress came home with me in this color and this one.  I guess he has a point.

I love neutrals because they are like a blank canvas.  I feel like I can do so much with them with the right accessories.  

All it takes is a necklace or a pair of shoes to take this outfit from a blank canvas and into a statement.  The shoes really do the talking here.  Even the statement necklace is a neutral when it comes to this outfit.  The best part is putting this outfit together felt so easy.

Do you have things that are easy to wear?

Friday, September 12, 2014

9 Months

Dear CT,

You are the sweetest babe.  Seriously, so sweet.  There aren't many moments where you are still or silent these days, but when you are you are the best snuggler.  You are talking up a storm.  Lots of "Da-da," "uh-oh," and the beginnings of "Ma."  

You have 4 teeth now!  4!!  And sometimes if I don't get my finger out of the way in time, I feel all 4 and they are strong.  You've started eating some real food like puffs, yogurt melts, and Ritz crackers.  You're really good at bringing it right to your mouth until you get tired.  Then you just hold it in your hand and stick your thumb in your mouth instead.  It's so cute how you play with the food while your thumb occupies your mouth.  

You are so tall.  You are practically taking up your entire stroller.  And you want to walk and crawl everywhere.  It's almost time to put away the walker and jumper because you hate being confined by them.  I understand - you are very inquisitive.  You love watching out the door as Daddy mows the lawn and we even put a special chair on the front stoop so we can sit out there with you and watch the cars go by in the evenings.  

I am anxiously anticipating your next doctor appointment.  I can't wait to hear about how strong you are.  You are going to be something amazing one day.  I just know it.

Love you,

9 Month Update
Weight:  20+ pounds (Dr. appt. on the 25th!)
Length:  28+ inches
Nicknames: Milkman, Milk Monster, CT, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Bubby, Monster, Buddy Boy, Stinka, Bubba
Sleep: You generally go to bed around 8:00 and wake up around 5:30 a.m.  The dogs have started waking you up as they race through the house when they hear my alarm go off in the morning.
Eating:  Everything.  You are starting to enjoy puffs and yogurt melts.  You love greek yogurt with some fruit mixed in.  You are drinking out of a sippy cup regularly now and we've started putting your milk in there when you are in your high chair.
Clothing: 6-9 months - quickly moving out of 6 months!

  • Playing
  • Your Fisher Price Seahorse
  • Bath time
  • Walks/Runs with Mommy
  • The pool/water
  • Ribbons/shoe laces/strings/etc
  • The dogs!!  (and the dogs' dishes!)
  • Anything you can pull up on - the front door, chairs, your bouncer, etc.
  • You are starting to dislike your jumper (I think that's because you want to be able to crawl around where you want)
  • Getting lotioned when you are sleepy
Exciting Moments:You have 4 teeth now!
You are crawling on your hands and knees now.
You are pulling up on everything - even things you can't grab onto
You started daycare and you love it - you've even made a new best friend, KanyonMomma's Milestones:
I am over halfway through my half-marathon training (8 miles)

I signed up as a BeachBody coach and recommitted to my healthy lifestyle.
ALL the clothes in my closet fit me well

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Head is Clogged

This time of year is so weird.  I'm craving all the pumpkin, caramel, layered sweaters, and boots things, but it's still so. hot. out.  Agh!  

Not just that, this weird rainyhotcoldhumid weather that's been happening around these parts has my body confused and now my head is clogged.  Not just with thoughts and to-do lists.  I mean, legit clogged like can't breath through my nose, pounding temple type clogged.

Every year this happens.  This sickness people around here like to call the crud or hay fever.  So I am attempting to fight off a cold without going to the doctor, but I'm still wearing shorts and a tee-shirt because it's too dang hot outside.  

Oh the confusion.

Tee: Target, Shorts: TJ Maxx, Necklace: Ebay, Bracelet: random beach shop

I have the urge to eat soup, drink hot tea, and cuddle up in an oversized sweater underneath a blanket to watch movies next to the fireplace.  I don't know that that will happen any time soon.

Every year when football season comes around it's like this.  It's bad when you think 70 degree weather feels like fall.  But, it does.  So, here I am in my shorts and tee dreaming of the crunchy leaves, pumpkin shakes, and tall boots.

P.S. I promise to (sometime soon) stop writing about how crazy busy and terrible at blogging I am and to have more outfit posts as soon as I can start digging into the favorite part of my wardrobe.  

P.S.S. Excuse that Football dog photo-bomb.  He knows no bounds.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Leopard Touch

Fedora: Target (love this one), Dress: BASS outlet (similar), Sneaks: Target

This is that oh-so-versatile dress I was telling you about.  You know the one that I purchased in both colors because I just had to?  That one.

So, let's talk a little about body image, self-confidence, and motherhood.  No worries, I'm not body bashing myself or anybody else.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.  There are definitely some things about my body that are different after baby and there are some things I am working on, but you know how I felt really uninhibited and beautiful during pregnancy?

After pregnancy is pretty much the same.  I mean, I feel like a rockstar.  I birthed a baby, people!

I may not have a six pack (ever again) and I may never fit into the jeans I wore to my engagement pictures, but I feel amazing.  Honestly, I could care less what anyone (except my hubby) thinks - I feel good.  Really good.

I feel confident and sassy and like I've got it going on.  Perhaps its the sleep deprivation talking...

Either way...I would have never worn a fedora or rocked some leopard print sneaks before getting pregnant.  I would have worried about when they were considered appropriate attire and what people would think about leopard on my feet.  (Yes, I realize how stupid this all sounds.)

Now?  Now I just wear what I want, when I want, how I want.'s awesome.

Perhaps you need a fedora and some leopard in your life?  After all, you're a rockstar.

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